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Essential Natural Beauty Tips

Natural beauty tips are not only easy to follow but easy on the pocket as well. You have to look and feel great to achieve the level of beauty you always wanted. It is not always how beautiful you look that matters, as suggests, but who you are which goes into creating your persona that will make people notice you. So here are some tips that will help you in creating that persona:


The first and foremost of all natural beauty tips is regarding cleaning your skin. Your face literally has to "face" the harsh environment around you. So use a water-based cleanser to clean your face at the end of the day or when you return from outside. Such a cleanser will not clog the pores and if they are devoid of detergents, moisturizer and artificial fragrances, those with even the most sensitive skin can use it. Then again, as NY Wellness suggest, it is not always the price of the product that determines its usefulness; everyday items like cooked oatmeal, tomato paste, and garlic can be good facial mask for your skin, especially if it is oily. Two more things that will make such a skin beautiful are mayonnaise and smashed banana. Just keep them on your face for 20 minutes before washing off. For exfoliating you dead skin cells, try a mixture of 1 tablespoon of salt and quarter cup of ground coffee.


To add a definition to your face, make sure your eyebrows are well-groomed as such a pair of eyebrow complements the facial features of a person. Trim at night so that no irritation is visible in the morning. Brush it to remove any loose hair. Here are some natural beauty tips regarding how to pluck your eyebrows:

Start your eyebrow at your tear duct and then expand to the outer portion of the iris. Stop just at the outer corner of your eye. Before plucking, apply an astringent to the area; use the tweezers at an angle of 45 degree to pluck the stray hairs. Pick from the root and in the direction of growth.


The last group of natural beauty tips is regarding your lips. Your lips also need exfoliation and for that use a mixture of sugar and olive oil in equal measure. Use a toothbrush to apply this mixture on your lips in a circular motion. For protecting and repairing your lips, especially during the harsh winters, use a lip balm. However, choosing the right lip balm is important, as Great Home Remedies suggests. Adults should pick up lip balms that contain ingredients like rosemary and beeswax.

Beauty Defined

So what is the definition of beauty?
The quality present in a thing or person that gives intense pleasure or deep satisfaction to the mind, whether arising from sensory manifestations (as shape, color, sound, etc.), a meaningful design or pattern, or something else (as a personality in which high spiritual qualities are manifest). So the old saying "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" is actually true. Beauty is in your mind, it's not a standard mold that you have to fit into, or a bar you have to reach.

Every person has a standard in his or her mind on what beauty is, so why are we striving so hard to meet some general thought of beauty? Well because society wants us that way. The skinnier you are the "hotter" you are. Why has society set the bar at skinny? In my opinion healthy people who are filled out with muscles and yes, some fat, look better. Women with curves, men with broad shoulders, kids who fill out their clothes; that is true beauty.

Women are typically more stressed about this topic than men, so I will talk to women for a moment. Who determines if you are beautiful? Men, friends, or society; none of them should. The true judge of your beauty should be you. If you feel beautiful, then it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks or says. When you feel beauty on the inside believe me it shows on the outside. For example you see two men on the street, similar body type, dressed in similar clothing. One man is rude and looks depressed wearing a scowl. The other man is wearing a smile, looking happy and confident. Which man is better looking? My guess is the smiling, confident happy-go-lucky man is more attractive.

Beauty is only what you make it. Each man has the potential to be attractive, but the lack of confidence in the first man makes him less attractive. No matter what race, weight, or social class you fit into beauty is dependent on how you feel about yourself.

Now to address the men. Be confident, that is the most attractive quality in a man. No woman wants a man who doubts himself or puts himself down. We want a strong, confident and proud man. So regardless what size pants you wear, how tall you are, or where you store some extra pounds it doesn't matter when you are confident in yourself.

I am not saying that there still won't be people who judge you, because there will be. All I am saying is that you will not care what they say when you believe that you are beautiful. Wake up every morning and tell yourself you look good. Have confidence in who you are on the inside as well as on the outside. You are beautiful no matter what society tells you beautiful is. Keep that in your heart and mind and you will be alright.

5 Benefits of Grapeseed Oil for Skin

People have started inclining towards grapeseed oil for various skin nourishments. As its name suggests, grapeseed oil is the oil extracted from the seeds of grapes and this invention has been recently done. Hi-tech machines are used to extract the oil from grapeseeds as it does not contain much oil in it. If we talk about your skin, olive oil is known to be loaded with benefits; however a new competitor has arrived in the marked in the same field.

If we talk about benefits of Grapeseed oil for skin then there is nothing less that we can talk about. Its use can cast a magical spell on your skin thus, making it younger, healthier and lustrous.
Supposed Benefits of Grapeseed oil for skin:

Skin Tightening:
Grapeseed oil is rich in astringent which is an essence that helps your biological tissues to draw together and contract. Thus, it helps in tightening of the skin. Today several branded cosmetic companies make use of this ingredient in their cosmetic substances. As this oil has the best amount of astringent in it, its regular use will provide a good amount of astringent to your skin which in turn will tighten the skin and it also provides toning.

Great Solution for Acne Problems:
Those who are suffering from acne problems, grapeeed oil are a boon for them. It contains linoleic acid which is a good fatty acid that improves the health of your skin by strengthening the cell membranes. Various skin conditions can be treated with the fatty acid present in this oil. Its antioxidant possessions prevent the blocking of pores as clocked pores usually activate acne breakouts. So, with its regular use the acne problem can be avoided. However, it not only prevents the skin from acne, it also treats the existing ones if any.

Fight Under-Eye Circles:
Dark circles are a common skin problem among people and there are many reasons which aggravate it. Fortunately, removing under eye circles is much easier now and you don't have to apply any harsh chemical or cosmetic substances. The grapeseed oil has greatest abilities to cure this problem, however it will not bring any results overnight but you need to apply it regularly to get the desired results. Unlike, other cosmetic products, it does not contain any unsafe chemicals.

Look Young Forever:
For a younger looking skin, the use of grapeseed oil is a must. Its antioxidant properties help in minimizing skin ageing and can make you look young forever. Wrinkles and fine lines are two most common signs of aging. This natural ingredient helps in reducing these signs of aging.

Natural Moisturizer:
It acts as a natural moisturizer for your skin. It penetrates the skin easily thus will not leave any oil residues which make your skin oily. Those who are dealing with sensitive skin can even apply this oil and it does not cause any skin allergies or reactions. It is also well known as a great healing agent of wounds on human skin.

Try out this recommended solution for all your skin problems and get the best results with this natural ingredient. For all those looking for beauty tips for skin care, this is a new addition to all those skin care regimes you have been trying.

The Different Kinds of Beauty Products for Men

Who says men have no time for beauty products? Compared before, men are now curious about their physical beauties. Different beauty products for men are very visible wherever they go. Just like women, men's beauty products come with different kinds, from head to foot.

Men's scalps are a lot more oily compare to those of women. That is why if possible they need to use shampoos and conditioners are good for their scalp. Though most of men have short hair, they still need to take good care of their hair to avoid their scalp from drying that could cause dandruff. Choosing the right products for their hair just like anti-dandruff shampoos and conditioners give them a hair that is so soft, clean and dandruff free.

Facial products are useful to men. Facial products eliminate the oiliness of the face, giving soothing and smooth skin. These products include facial foams, shaving creams, after shaves, toners, facial scrubs and creams. But what are these products do to the skin? Facial foams and facial scrubs are usually used two to three times a day to eliminate dirt and facial oils. Shaving creams on the other hand are being applied before shaving beard or mustache to make it easy to shave. After shave are best used after shaving, along with shaving creams. Toners are sometimes used after using of facial foams so that facial skin will look clearer and dirt free. Creams on the other hand are best used after applying toners.

For their body, beauty products for men include: deodorants, cologne sprays, perfumes and lotions. Men should not forget to pamper their bodies. A man with a fresh scent is good to smell compare to those who are not. It is best for men to apply their underarms a deodorant everyday especially after taking a bath. A study says that men sweat twice compare to women. It's just right for them to take extra care to their body. To add an extra fresh feeling, cologne sprays and perfumes are being used. Women find men who smell like a man fresh from shower than a man fresh from work or sleeping.

As men sweat so fast, it affects not just their upper body but also on the lowest part, their feet. Imagine taking off your shoes from work and smell that dull odor from your feet. Feet need extra care, don't they? Athlete's foot is now one of the problems that men are facing. They need to give it an extra care to their feet. It's as easy as drying your feet and put an anti-fungal cream or powder to your feet to avoid having feet diseases.

Though men are not that vain compare to women, they must still give an extra effort to their physical aspects. There's nothing wrong in trying as long as what you try could give yourself a better result.

5 Savvy Beauty Tips For Men - Guaranteed to Create a Killer Look Oozing With Sex Appeal

Do you qualify to be called the new "ubersexual' man? If you spend time to look for grooming and beauty tips for men and invest money to look good, you're now one of them. The trendy "ubersexual" man takes control and exudes confidence. Add to this ultra stylish masculinity and you've got killer-looks, guaranteed to get you any girl you want.

Savvy Beauty Tip for Men #1

Never neglect your skin. Grab some good quality skin care products for men and start using them on a daily basis. Get some basic products suitable for your skin type for your easy, quick and simple 3-step skin care routine like:
  • Men's face wash to thoroughly clean your face and help combat blackheads and acne
  • Men's toner to tighten pores and control the shiny nose area
  • A smoothing moisturizing face cream for men, preferably with mineral oil, if skin is very dry.

Savvy Beauty Tip for Men #2
 Now it is time to step up your grooming routine with one of the most important beauty tips for men. You have now access to products to improve your look and combat wrinkles and old age. Not just exclusively for the ladies anymore, men can also reverse the aging process by applying a mens wrinkle cream, especially developed to target unwanted wrinkles. Invest in a good quality eye wrinkle cream to make those fine lines around the eyes less visible and reduce puffiness.

Savvy Beauty Tip for Men #3

Keep those lips soft and KISS-WORTHY! Believe me: Girls don't want to kiss a man with harsh, dry, cracked lips. Not nice, guys, not nice at all. Always apply a lip balm with the necessary SPF sun protection.

Savvy Beauty Tip for Men #4

Keep your smile and teeth bright. First impressions do count! New cutting edge laser teeth whitening methods are now available. No excuses to keep your teeth pearly white and your smile brilliant! If you cannot afford laser, try other teeth whitening methods suggested by your dentist. Don't waste any time or money on self applied teeth whitening products or kits, as they just DO NOT WORK!

Savvy Tip for Men's Beauty #5

 Get some of the latest sexy, snazzy, simply divine smelling mens fragrances and your smell will make her knees weak. There are so many mens fragrances available, so it is super easy to pick a fragrance to suit your personality, style and the occasion.

Take some time and look at these beauty tips for men. Acquire the mens grooming products you need, and you'll soon be the hottest guy around with killer-looks and oozing with sex-appeal.

Tips To Buy Brushes For Your Makeup Set

You've heard the saying - "A workman is only as good as his tools". The same applies for makeup application. Investing in a set of good quality makeup tools is of great importance. The right applicators not only ensure a flawless look but also the judicious use of cosmetics.

When it comes to makeup brushes, there is no "one-size-fits-all". There are dozens in varying sizes and shapes and made of a variety of materials. Selecting the most essential will be easier if you keep the following tips in mind.


A very important consideration is the hair material. Brushes are made of natural hair (Squirrel, mink, weasel, sable, goat, pony and human hair) and synthetic fibers (plastic and acrylic).
The natural options are pricier especially the ones made with the squirrel, mink, weasel, sable hair fibers. However, they are the most suitable for powder products. Synthetic hair is a cheaper alternative. They are good to apply liquid and cream based cosmetics as they do not soak up excess product.

Shape and Size

Size matters a lot. Your makeup set should house a range of makeup applicators in different sizes - large, medium and small- and shape - flat, rounded and angled. The size and shape largely depend upon its use. Following are the 7 brushes your makeup set cannot do without.
  • Foundation: It is a fluffy, flat tipped brush with long bristles. It allows smooth blending and buffing of foundation on the skin. (A tip: When applying foundation remember to blend along the hairline, jaw-line and near the ears.)

  • Powder: These are large, soft and fluffy brushes used to loosely dust powder on your face. After dipping the applicator in the powder dish, dust to shake off the excess.

  • Concealer: You will need to skillfully hide dark circles or an ugly zit. This is a medium sized, oval brush. It is not very firm.

  • Blush: This is a medium sized, soft brush. It is flat with round edges (dome-shaped). In addition to applying blush, it can also be used to apply bronzer.

  • Eye shadow: There are three types. The first is a small, flat stiff brush. It allows you to pack eye shadow color all over the eyelid. The second is a small, blunt fluffy brush to build the color across the eyelid. And third a soft bristled brush to blend the color and soften hard edges.

  • Eyeliner/Eye shadow: This is a firm angled or pointed brush. It is used to fill in the eyebrow and line the eyes.

  • Lip: It could be square, oval or round in shape. It is small and flat with fine bristles.
How to clean the brushes?

Cleaning is also important to keep them brushes germ free and increase their life. Use a cleaner or mild shampoo to wash makeup residues. Place them in an inverted position and allow them to dry thoroughly.

3 Natural Methods to Thicken Fine Hair

For those of us who suffer from thin hair or fine strands, we're constantly on the look-out for products to thicken our hair quickly and permanently. We become suckers for voluminous shampoos, conditioners and hair sprays: spending hundreds on products that don't work.

Today, I have our solution. Three in fact. They're natural products that will stimulate thicker, faster hair growth.

Lawsomia Inermis, aka: Henna

Henna is a magical hair product for so many reasons. Henna:

  •     Conditions hair.
  •     Makes hair heavier and fuller.
  •     Creates movement and bounce.
  •     Defines curl patterns

As a result, henna is a natural hair thickener that creates an overall health and shine you rarely find among name brand "hair thickeners".

There is only one "real" henna, which is called lawsomia inermis, which is also called Red Henna. Anything else is fake and a waste of money, excluding Cassia (neutral henna) and indigofera tinctoria (black/indigo henna). Cassia and Indigo aren't considered true henna (by everyone's standards), but have the ability to thicken, shine and condition hair. Red Henna, however, is the most potent.

Note: The more you use henna, the better it works. Just keep in mind that it will dry out your hair, so always follow up with a deep conditioning treatment.

The Shea Butter Wash

I recently wrote an article called Thicker Hair with Organic Shea Butter Wash which is similar to an oil rinse, but with butter. You can apply raw shea butter with olive oil, or a mixture of shea butter and thickening oils. I use mine from Angies Heavenly Treats because the ingredients, combined with the shea butter, creates healthier and more voluminous hair.

The shea butter wash entails exactly what the name states: a wash with shea butter instead of shampoo. Leave the shea mix in for 5-10 minutes. After that, don't follow up with a conditioner. This may reverse the effects.

My Results: After two weeks, my new growth was thicker and my hair was bouncier and fuller. With time, the hair will gradually improve.

Most people will see changes around two weeks, and very noticeable changes within one-two months. The trick here is consistency. I do the Shea butter wash once every week.

Castor Oil Rinse

Although there's no scientific proof that castor oil thickens hair, many users swear by it. One user massaged castor oil to her balding edges every night for a month and watched as her edges grew in. The user then went on a hair care forum and called castor oil the "miracle oil".

Her testimonial and that of other users may not be scientific, but it is proof that castor oil thickens hair. Angela Hood of Angie's Heavenly Treats puts castor oil in all of her hair products. From her experience, castor oil does have thickening products. But castor oil has other benefits.

"Due to the castor oil in my products, it helps to coat and moisturize hair, giving it a shine," Hood said.

So again, while there's no scientific proof, there's proof in the pudding. By coating your hair with warm castor oil once or twice a week, and then let it saturate into your strands with a shower cap, you'll notice that your roots and the length of your hair will thicken over time.

Add These Methods into Your Hair Regimen

If you do all three of these natural hair thickening methods, then thin/fine hair will be a thing of the past.

Angie's Heavenly Treats sells all natural and organic hair and body products. By adding their own heavenly touch to each product, the result is a unique product you won't find elsewhere.

Imitation Jewelry: Giving Enchanting Look to Your Beauty

Jewelery plays a vital part in enhancing your beauty as it complements the dress you wear. It adds beauty and style to the outfits worn by an individual. Even a simply designed outfit can look striking if worn with gorgeous jewelry. Today imitation jewelry has become foremost preference for the young ladies and beautiful women. As the price of the gold has highly increased most women choose to wear artificial jewelry. This jewelry is also known as costume jewelry, junk jewelry and fashion jewelry.

Used for all kinds of occasions:

This jewelry is considered to be ideal for all kinds of occasions including anniversaries, weddings, pageants, family functions and proms. These are made of less expensive materials like crystals, pearls, beads, glass, acrylic, plastic, leather, wood, synthetic stones, clay and base metals. Actually the base metal is used for manufacturing artificial ornaments that resembles gold, silver or platinum. Some of the popularly utilized base metals are tin, vermeil, nickel, brass, sterling silver and pewter. Less expensive and semi precious stones such as rhinestones, crystals, Lucite, simulated diamonds and cubic zirconia are also used to make such artificial ornaments.

Following are some types of the Imitation Jewelry:

  •     Hoop Earrings: These earnings come in variety of styles. These are available in half moon shapes and are found in assortment of colors.
  •     Necklaces: These are most preferred imitation jewelry these days. These are available in various lengths and made out of stone, glass, plastic, wood, shells, metallic, beaded, ivory, bone, terracotta and jute.
  •     Choker: This is a type of necklace that is short in length. You can wear these at the upper portion of your neck. These come with metallic, beaded, leather, glass and plastic body.
  •     Chains: These chains are worn around the neck and waist and are made out of stainless steel, sterling silver, white metal, plastic and bone.
  •     Armlet: These are bands that are worn around the upper part of your arm. These are made out of white metal, stainless steel, glass, shells, wood and even plastic.
  •     Brooches: This type of imitation jewelry is kind of pin that can be attached to shirts, hats, sweaters, blouses, purses and jackets to enhance the outfit. Made out of white metal and stainless steel these are available in various images and designs.
  •     Pendants: These are of beautiful designs, shapes and images. These are available in sterling silver, lac, wooden, shell, glass and leather.
  •     Bangles: These are type of rigid bracelets that are usually worn around the wrist. These are found in wide range of colors and are made out of white metal and sterling silver.
  •     Rings: These are made out of various kinds of materials such as well polished metals, crystal stone, white metal and sterling silver. Worn on finger and toes these are available in variety of design and styles.

Get wonderfully designed jewelry from online stores:

It will be smart option to buy imitation jewelry from the online stores. These online stores have stunning collection of these items that too at affordable price range.

Beauty Tips For Children

Each time people mention beauty, they discuss it as if it were just for adults. Children ought to be beautiful too, and several people behave like it is a given. Should you be looking for ideas to help make your cute little button look better still, you have arrived at the best place.

Ensure that you feed them a healthy diet. Many people still find it okay for the children to consume what they desire being that they are usually very active, however this is a big mistake. You happen to be what you eat, what exactly would you call a kid that eats unhealthy foods all the time? If your little one balks at eating healthier, inform them that this the only way they are going to grow up to become as healthy and wise as you are. Eating healthy has great benefits for your hair, teeth, nails and skin, therefore it is essential that they eat the proper foods.

Do not allow your son or daughter wear things that tend not to make them look good. It sounds terrible, particularly when you may have a child that always has to pick out their own outfits. A good thing for you to do would be to allow them to choose an outfit, and you then fix it up making it a little nicer. Inform them that this will be the only option, unless they would like to turn over all control to you.

Kid's shampoo is excellent, but it is important to purchase the conditioner too. Many people do not think of this when they may be buying products for your kids, and for that reason many children have dry, damaged hair. There are several shampoos which have conditioner included, however it is better if you buy a separate conditioner. This is the best way you'll know if their hair gets the correct nourishment.

If you are using accessories in your child's hair, avoid the use of items that are made from elastic, unless it is actually coated. Using rubber bands to secure hair is a terrific way to break hair. It is actually much easier to pull the hair straight into a braid, and it is actually a great deal safer. Also, avoid the use of elastics which are secured with metal. This could rub up against the hair and result in a lot of damage.

As soon as your children step out of the bath, it is important to apply moisturizer on their entire bodies. This is actually the ideal time to use it because it will soak straight into the skin. It is best to use moisturizers for kids due to the fact that children's skin is more sensitive than adults.

Any time you take a look at child chances are you'll see beauty, however, you would like it to be like that others notice. This really is less complicated than it sounds, so do not worry. If you utilize each of the tips here, your child is going to be much more beautiful in no time. The one thing you will need to do right now is ensure the inside is equally as beautiful as the surface.